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For our customers who don't live near our Ramona, CA facility, here is a partial list of some of our products, or for those who want to buy directly from us, we sell our Wildflower Mixes through mail order in bulk packaging (sorry, no on-line ordering, yet).  COD orders excepted with a minimun order of $100.

All orders will be shipped US Postal Service, Express Mail unless other arrangements are made. Please print and use this form for quicker processing. Please include a street address for delivery. Allow two to four weeks for delivery. FAX phone orders accepted. FAX: 760-789-5168. For mail orders send your order with check or money order to:

Quality Hydroseeding & Restoration
2017 Orange Avenue
Romona, CA 92065

Prices effective Aug 2001 (Prices subject to change without notice. )

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Wildflower Mixes

California Mix( a Blend of Calif. Poppies, Blue Lupines, Red Flax & Various Others) 1 lb. $39.95

Midwestern Mix (White Yarrow, Prairie Aster, Red Flax, Plains Coreopsis & Others) 1 lb. $39.95

Texas Mix (Texas Bluebonnet, Evening Primrose, Red Flax, Indian Blanket & Others)   1 lb. $39.95

Northeastern (Aster, Black Eyed Susan, Coreopsis, White Yarrow, Calif. Poppy & Others) 1 lb. $39.95

Pacific Northwest  (Yarrow, Red Flax, Blue Lupine, Indian Blanket, Calif. Poppy & Others) 1 lb. $39.95

Southeast (Bachelor Button, Scarlet Flax, African Daisy, Crimson Clover, & Others) 1 lb. $39.95

Mountain (Shasta Daisy, Mule Ear Daisy, Evening Primrose, Indian Blanket, Calif. Poppy & Others) 1 lb. $39.95

African Daisies (Yellow Annual Daisy, Likes Full Sun) 1 lb. $39.95

White Alyssum (White Carpet of Snow, Annual, Grows Almost Anywhere) 1 lb. $39.95

Purple Alyssum (Purple Annual) 1 lb. $39.95

Black Sage (Salvia Mellifera) 1 lb. $89.00

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) 1 lb. $89.00

Subtotal (Minimun COD Order $100)    

California Sales Tax    

Shipping (Add Wt + 1 lb)    


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